Nerf Lancer replica will give you a wicked foam cut

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You may have seen replica lancers well… everywhere. But these real to life looking models have nothing compared to this recently discovered fan made creation. If you are willing to enter a bidding war, you can have your very own, automatic Nerf Lancer. Not only does this Nerf Lancer shoot out actual Nerf darts but it also has a working chainsaw.

A Gizmodo reader created this replica and has posted up a video which you can see below that shows the gun in action. I’m sure after watching that video MasterAbbott is digging through the Capsule Computers vaults trying to scrounge money for whatever this replica will cost. But if he really wants it, he’s going to have to enter a bit of a bidding war because this replica is for sale on eBay and can be bidded on here.

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