Need for Speed Buried Alive

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I’m getting more and more excited about this title as more information is being revealed through the various trailers. After the seriousness of Shift 2, EA look like they have gone back to the roots of what made the Need for Speed franchise such a hit to begin with. All the elements of arcade style high speed racing are present as well as the danger and pure thrill of being in control of a vehicle with no driving restrictions being imposed. In this trailer titled Buied Alive, we join Jack, the main character in the story in Colorado as he has to make a life threatening decision about which path to follow. The choices are a sharp contrast, take the easy route and lose valuable time, or trust your instincts and take the shorter more dangerous route, utilising all your driving skills to beat the clock and the challenging environment.

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  • ITz Jok3R

    Iv’e seen quite a few trailers and they keep getting better can’t wait to play this one as I like how your playing as a person with a story this time and have to race against 200 contenders.

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