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MineCraft has already proven, in so many ways, how creative gamers can be. Destructive, fire-starting trolls aside, it’s nice to have a game based around creating things rather than blowing stuff up or shooting dudes. Not only are people encouraged to build in-game, but resourceful MineCrafters have been creating mods that add new mechanics to the game.

This Pokemon mod is one of the coolest I’ve seen. The creator, using the screenname SeaGoingManatee, plans to introduce the original 151 first–gen Pokemon into the wilds of MineCraft, as well as incorporating several mechanics from the legendary series. As it stands now, players can find Pokemon wandering the landscape, craft Pokeballs to capture them, use a Pokedex to level them up and even evolve them. In the future, players will be able to battle, discover towns and Gyms, and even encounter Team Rocket, who will send out hostile Pokemon. If these guys can pull it off, this is sure to be awesome.

The mod is still in the fairly early stages, with apparently about 15 Pokemon modelled so far, but the creators are looking for help with this fairly ambitious task. If you have the skillz, jump on the forums and let the guys know.

Watch Captain Sparklez’s demonstration below, or click here for more information and updates, to submit models, and download the mod.







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