Hunter x Hunter Anime Details Released!

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After the long-awaited confirmation of the new Hunter x Hunter anime series, details have risen from both Weekly Shonen Jump and an official website created for the anime.

It has been now officially announced that this new anime series will indeed be a reboot, going back to the beginning of the manga and starting from scratch. That means that the new anime will not simply continue from the Greed Island arc into the Chimera Ants arc, instead it will go back to its roots in the Hunter Exams arc. This was clearly the smartest thing to do given the last anime series finished airing in 1999. The last OVA airing in 2004. It has simply been too long to just continue it, so a reboot is the best option.

This version of the anime is being touted as the definitive version and will be both filler free and strongly faithful to it’s manga source as it has no worries of catching up to the manga any time soon.

It was also announced that MADHOUSE, famous for Death Note, High School of the Dead and many more, will be handling the series animation. Hiroshi Koujina will be directing the new series and Jun Maekawa, of Dragon Ball Z fame, will be dealing with the series scripts. Also, Takahiro Yoshimatsu will be working on character designs and Toshio Nakatani will produce. The cast has yet to be announced.

The new series will make its wildly anticipated premiere October 2nd, 2011 on NTV at 10.55 a.m (the same time it will run every Sunday following the premiere). This is all huge news for Hunter x Hunter fans, who have long been put through many trials and tribulations for their love of this series. It’s good to see that all the waiting will finally pay off.

You can check out the official Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime website here. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this huge news in the comments below.

UPDATE: Cast confirmed! Check here.

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  • jf

    Woah this is so exciting notice!!!

    • Luke Halliday

      Indeed! This is very good news.

  • DL

    I just finished all of the old anime series of this it was AMAZING. I usually watch horror anime which is my favorite but this is the best action anime I’ve ever seen. I instantly started looking for the next episodes and it just so happens they are coming out in a few months 🙂


    It will be even bigger than death note and maybe on par with naruto just depending on how they re create it.

    • Luke Halliday

      I agree completely.

  • Eturnus Frost

    While I am excited for this..I would of much more preferred them to continue on into Chimera Ants. Seven years isn’t THAT long, theirs plenty of other Animes out their that picked up after a decade or so.

    But, I AM at least happy we’re getting new chapters, and a new Anime though it will be awhile till we get to see actual new anime episodes, not counting the re-done/new actors/etc episodes that will come.

    I’ve watched the Anime of Hunter x Hunter 5-6 times already, only after discovering it a year and a half you can say I’m very well passionate about the anime series and to an extent the OVA’s.

    The anime had a certain vibe to it I took an extreme liking to. If the new series reboot at least has ”similar” voice actors, art (prefer the art to be close to the same, though people in this age are going nuts with remakes for some reason), and the background BGM..I feel the music gave that unique, mysterious aesthetic that dragged me into the story even more.

    Though I’m probably asking for too much, I’ll just have to accept the outcome regardless, but doesn’t hurt to hope 🙂

    • Luke Halliday

      Could you give examples of other series that continued after such a long break?

      • Eturnus Frost

        You see, I don’t actually know any.

        I pretty much jumped down to the comment box as soon as I read it was going to be a reboot. I know I’ve only known of it for a year and half, but it feels more like 5.

        I’m aware when the first OVA started, the animation did begin to deteriorate slowly..and while I’m not one TOO concerned with how good the drawing/animation style is.. at the same time I feel the series animation/soundtrack portrayed HxH most flawlessly..though at least the OVAs will be tied into the series with little change (hopefully). I’m just skeptical on Madhouse being able to recapture HxH, and I’m hardly a skeptical person.

        • Luke Halliday

          I understand and don’t blame you. Here’s hoping Madhouse can handle a long-running series.

      • Hellsing 🙂

        • Luke Halliday

          Good point! But Hellsing is indeed another beast entirely haha. Very different production history there.

  • Interesting

    • Luke Halliday

      It is.

  • Thirdy


    I’m so happy! I’ve been watching this series again recently and is still addicted to it. Can’t wait to see the new anime reboot!

    • Luke Halliday

      It’s gonna be awesome, no doubt!

  • Marc

    OH MY GOD! I’ve been waiting for this! I’m so happy!

    • Luke Halliday

      It’s good to finally have Hunter x Hunter back.

  • Yes, It’s so fascinating to have Hunter x Hunter back on the track, I really love this anime.. so addicting and can’t wait to see kilua and Gon..Brilliantly Amazing!

    • Luke Halliday

      Best news isn’t it Andkon!

  • MMdyii

    This news really made my year .. Although I would have been happier if they still have the original voice actors .. =(

    • Luke Halliday

      I think we will grow use to this new cast over time. At first I’m sure I will miss the old cast but there are too many circumstances preventing them from returning. For example Junko plays Naruto full time now, I doubt she’d return full time as Gon. Also a completely different studio handling the series. It’s sad but, I’m sure the new cast will do a good job.

  • John Smith

    All that needs to be said is: F### YEAH!!

    • Luke Halliday

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • I’m excited about the restart of the anime but the only drawback I see is the new cast. I think Gon’s CV (Megumi Han) is new so it’s hard to image what our new main character will sound like. Personally, I wished they left Gon the same Junko Takeuchi’s voice fitted perfectly.

    I’m not sure how Mariya Ise as Killua Zoldyck will sound as I’ve never heard her voicing as a male character, but I believe it will be more feminine than Kanako Mitsuhashi (previous Killua’s CV).

    Oh, and when I first heard about HXH creating a new cast I automatically imaged Fujiwara Kenji as Leorio and I almost flipped out of my chair loling when I read the cast sheet.

    All in all this will definitely be one of the most anticipated anime I will be watching this fall. Let’s see how well the new HXH team will bring us!

    • Luke Halliday

      Unfortunately due to other circumstances it was impossible to reunite the old cast, both due to the fact they have other commitments (Junko is full time as Naruto now and wouldn’t be able to take on full time as Gon). Also that a completely different studio is handling this series.

      It is undoubtedly my most anticipated anime of fall as well. I am absolutely pumped.

  • Mark

    OMG I can’t wait for this!
    😀 😀 😀

    • Luke Halliday

      Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Marvin

    well i still prefer them continuing it on the chimera arc 😮

    • Luke Halliday

      They will get to the Chimera Arc eventually haha

  • I dunno. I love how classical the original anime looked. The hazy appearance made it… I dunno… irreplaceable. And it had that vibe you get from Trigun, Outlaw Star, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bebop when you watch them enter the big city.

    I like that it’s going back, but I really do hope, more than anything, it breathes life into the series again, and draw a lot of fans. I simply can’t wait to see the fans rise, and didn’t know the same actress does Naruto. Enlightening. Did you know the one who made HxH made YuYu Hakusho (another one-of-the-bests) and also married the woman who made Sailor Moon? xD Epic life.

    I really do hope it comes to fruition. I have made an RP site ( for it, but never really seen anyone know much about. Heck, I learned about it only 4 years ago. Man, if activities in the Role Play jump to the RIGHT animes, and not just Naruto and Bleach, Role Play will be back and alive in the internet like back in the old days!

  • peace

    YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! best thing that has happened all year

  • MrBlue

    Ah HxH… how I missed you. It is my utmost hope that you take off into a brilliant success, so much so that they start airing this dubbed remake in the US. I love series.

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