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Chuck Bittner (also known as The Can’t Stand Up Comic, Ask-A-Capper and ONLYUSEmeFACE) is a Quadriplegic Gamer with a simple request: that game developers include custom button remapping as an option in video games. For disabled gamers like Bittner who can’t move the majority of his body, playing video games is on the most part impossible without the option of assigning which button does what. As a result, Bittner is forced to play games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with his face, and he’s not alone. For a bit over a year now, Bittner has been running an online petition for handicapped gamers, as a plea to game developers to allow button remapping in video games, so they can find a way to play. At the time of writing this, the petition is currently over 75 thousand strong, but still aims to get a lot more signatures in order to make an important difference.

YOU can help gamers like Chuck by signing the petition here, or you can view his ‘can’t stand up’ comedy and asking him questions yourself at his website, www.askacapper.com, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Chuck will also be appearing on the Capsule Computers Podcast next week, so if you have any questions you would like answered on the podcast, you can post them below or send them to podcast@capsulecomputers.com.

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  • jaypea360

    This guy is truly remarkable and would kick my ass at most games. I signed the petition ages ago and hope more people will to.

    Gamers are gamers, we are all the same and should be able to play no matter what our individual situation is 🙂

    • I totally agree! This guy would totally destroy me in a round of Black Ops, that’s for sure!

      • jaypea360

        Yeah he is pretty beast.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Making buttons mappable isn’t really a hard thing to put in games. It seems like it’s an easy fix and would open up gaming options for a lot more gamers.
    I even say for games like rock band and guitar hero make an “auto strum” feature, so people who only have the use of one hand can play. I have seen a guy who plays with one hand, he had another arm, but no hand, so he’d position the strum bar in a crevice in his other hand to strum. But there are people with only one hand and just making an auto strum would be so easy. (GH has put in an auto kick option for the drums, which I thought was a good step since not everyone has use of their legs, though it’s listed as a “cheat” so you can’t get achievements using it.)

    They also really need to have subtitle options for all games for hearing impaired players. That’s another easy fix.


  • Joshua Spudic

    Just signed the petition. I suggest you guys should do it too.

    Games are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so I hope developers realise this.

    Go Chuck!

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