Halo: Reach title update detailed; arrives in September

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Last night at the Halo Fest event, Microsoft revealed that they will be releasing a hefty title update for Halo: Reach sometime in September. The patch makes a number of changes to the multiplayer mode of the game, which will of course either make gamers jump for joy or break their monitors in rage, or both.

The update will nerf the Armor Lock ability which previously made you invincible for a small period of time, albeit completely immobile. Now the Armor Lock will prevent most damage, but not all and stuck plasma grenades will not fall off anymore. Also implemented is a system called “Shield Bleed-through” which will transfer damage done with little shield onto the players overall health, optional reticle bloom removal and also remove the ability to deflect plasma sword attacks with well-timed melee from guns. Also the magnum pistol will see a power buff for those who loved it back in Halo: Combat Evolved.

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  • This is kind of BS. All the features being removed were the main differing points between REach and Halo 3. WTF? It just makes no sense to make this game more like Halo 3.

    I really wish they would stop messing with the armor lock too. It is already weak enough IMO. It is my favorite ability and I still die a ton. 🙁 Man, this is dumb…

  • ITz Jok3R

    They are just trying to keep the majority of the fans happy i guess but if they release a game it should stay the same no matter how overpowered some items are it is what makes the game fun.

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