Gearbox may reboot Duke Nukem in next game

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The Official Xbox Magazine’s next issue has an interview with Gearbox Software, and in it the company just happened to mention that they are going to be aiming for a Duke Nukem reboot soon. However before they worry about that, they want to make sure that they can create as good of a game as possible with the Aliens: Colonial Marines title.

The first title will be called Duke Begins reports CVG, which was the game that Gearbox was initially working on before they were given the pinnacle of delayed games, Duke Nukem Forever, to work with. No other details were given at this time but it confirms one thing, Duke Nukem is far from being dead my friends.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    DNF was not really up to par. I figured they were just getting it out the door so they could be like “HERE! This is what you wanted! Now leave us alone so we can make a GOOD Duke game!”

  • ITz Jok3R

    I liked DNF didn’t have any problems with it really tho the Load times were slower then other games but it doesn’t make the game unplayable,

    But other then that I like Duke and will like to see what Gearbox can really do as they have some really good games and if they do what they want to do then who knows Duke might retake his throne?

  • I think it was mostly the 14 year build up that disappointed most people. It wasn’t too bad a game, but definitely not great. That said, I doubt the franchise is dead.

    it’ll be interesting to see if Gearbox can turn the Nukem franchise back into a self-aware, actually funny parody of video games, rather than a poor shooter with a lot of boob jokes thrown in.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I agree, the buildup was a lot of what killed DNF. It’s just most people go “oh they’ve been working on this for so long it’s going to be amazing!”
      The only problem with that, is it wasn’t being worked on constantly, and it changed hands so many times that it got muddled from what it originally was going to be.
      They should have scrapped it, but everyone wanted it so badly. And well we got what we asked for. 😉

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