Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Appears at PAX

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Keen on Dead Rising 2? Well you’re in luck, Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 2 Off the Record is appearing today at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle) to show off a brand-spanking new Sandbox Mode developed by Capcom Vancouver.

You get to explore the casinos, restaurants, malls and new Uranus Zone of Fortune City with no pesky time limit. Take all the time you want, collecting things, finishing challenges, and of course massacring zombies. Of course the more you do, the more cash you get, but who needs cash when you get the satisfaction of some good old zombie massacring? As it says in the trailer, this is his vacation. And with some awesome inventive weapons and out-there challenges, this is looking to be a pretty kick ass sandbox.

Check out the trailer below. What do you guys reckon? Keen or what?

BRB, playing games.

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