Borderlands 2 Officially Announced!

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After months of rumours, Borderlands 2 has been officially announced for release in 2012. With Borderlands being the critical and financial success it was, this news was inevitable.

Details of the upcoming game were also announced. The game is set to feature, new characters, new weapons, new environments and more. Game Informer has confirmed that all new information based upon the game, will be released exclusively through them before any other media outlets.

You can check out the Borderlands 2 official website here. As more updates on the game become available we will keep you posted. Please let us know what you think of this announcement in the comments below.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • jaypea360


    Absolutely loved the first one to bits.
    Sunk many hours into exploring Pandora with mates. There is so many possibilities for this game, 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  • i loved the 4 player co op. i completed the whole game without ever driving a car.

    • jaypea360

      Yeah, you had a personal escort the whole time. Looks like I’m driving again lol.

  • ITz Jok3R

    Loved the first game, can’t wait to see what the next addition to the series will be like hopefully as fun and addicting to play with friends as it was in the first game.

    • 1500 ms points and you can play with us ITz Jok3R lol

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