Black Ops’ Rezurrection Moon map will provide low gravity zombie killing goodness

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Activision’s Rezurrection DLC package is for the zombie killing lover in all of us as they said in the latest behind the scenes video for the game. In this behind the scenes look we are given our first gameplay footage of the “Moon” zombie map which sounds quite fun because not only did they take everything that they learned from past zombie maps, but there is really low gravity.

The movement speed and control of the characters the players will be handling will be changed and everything will be floating and honestly Moon is probably the best zombie map ever, simply because of the fact that there are zombies on the moon! You can catch the behind the scenes video below and the Rezurrection DLC later this month on the Xbox 360 first with a PS3 and PC release later.

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  • ITz Jok3R

    Wow what a great looking map can’t wait to play it, as for the new guns i saw they look amazing and the gravity adds that extra bit of challenge to it + the enjoyment of floating around and varied speeds of gameplay is just going to be as fun as it looks.

  • jaypea360

    Looks like they went all out with this one.
    Anyone notice the CGI Nova6 Zombie right at the end, 2:45 in the video….strange.

    Zombies on the MOOOOOOOOON!!! fricken awesome!!!!!!

  • Looks awesome i can not wait to use the new guns best thing about it all of it is because i get it for free! yay =)

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