Zynga offered $1 billion to purchase PopCap Games

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When it was revealed that PopCap Games was being bought by Electronic Arts many people were caught by surprise. Now they will be even more surprised with who else was vying for PopCap Games sweet casual game market. Forbes is reporting that Zynga had offered $1 billion in cash for the company at one point and that Zynga would have performed the deal through credit from Goldman Sachs.

The Forbes report also says that China based Tencent was also looking into purchasing PopCap Games, but couldn’t offer the same price as the other two companies. EA ended up acquiring PopCap Games with $750 million and will also be paying $550 million in performance payouts. Out of the two evils, EA would probably be the better choice because seeing Plantsville vs. Zombiesville would have made me lose all faith in gaming forever.

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