Red Faction franchise not continuing “in any meaningful way”

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If you were hoping that the last Red Faction title would have been redeemed by a new, actually enjoyable title then you are sadly mistaken. THQ CEO Brian Farrell discussed the franchise during an investor call today and unfortunately, he sees that the franchise is not worth continuing in any form found Joystiq.

He exactly said that “Given that that title, now in two successive versions, has just found a niche, we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way.” This news is a little bit of a surprise due to the fact that the series even had a SyFy original movie named Red Faction: Origins. This news is certainly disheartening for fans, though after seeing the Red Faction series devolve from a unique series with a unique mechanic into a cookie-cutter third person shooter was already sad.

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