Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks DLC announced

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You can’t keep a good man down, especially if he is a cowboy. Rockstar had recently teased that they would be releasing a new DLC package for Red Dead Redemption and today they have detailed what that package is and what it will be called. Titled the “Myths and Mavericks” package, it will cost players nothing to download as it will be entirely free to download.

The package will add in “fan favorite” character skins such as Landon Ricketts above and new battlegrounds to Deathmatch, Gang, Grab the Bag and “other popular online modes.” The package will be ready some time for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime in September, and I’m sure we’ll learn much more about who will be added with this content between now and then.

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  • ITz Jok3R

    Cool to see that it’s free can’t wait to get back into red dead and play these new characters and maps should be some good fun

  • jaypea360

    Oh Hell Yeah!! Thank you Rockstar, your always looking after your fans.

  • I reckon this is awesome how they release it for free what Jaypea360 said Rock Star your looking after your fans awesome!

  • Ima Cowboy

    They pretty much had to do this to fix all the horrible glitches they left open that destroy any hope of playing mp and having fun while doing so. If they hadn’t done this nobody would buy the next addition of RDR.

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