New Hunter x Hunter Anime on the way?

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Rumour’s have been flying of a new Hunter x Hunter anime series after a sales sheet from Shueisha supposedly made it’s way onto the web, accidentally. As previously stated this is still considered speculation as none of this is yet to be confirmed.

For those who can not read Japanese the little excerpt from the sales sheet, announces a new Hunter x Hunter anime, as well as the already confirmed 29th volume and return to Weekly Shonen Jump.

Whether this will be a coninuation of the previous anime series is unknown. But with the anime being as old as it is, I personally think a reboot of the series is much more likely.

The rumour itself may actually be quite likely, considering the mass revival of the series that is taking place in the coming months. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

This is the image that made it’s way onto the web:

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  • Eturnus Frost

    It’s not THAT old of a anime..compared to a lot others that is.

    I’ve watched the series and OVA’s around 4-5 times now within the past 2 years..a bit much in some peoples opinions, but I really do love the series that much.

    I just hope they either make a new series (though that’s probably hoping for too much) or somehow manage to fit the Chimera Ant arc into another OVA.

    I don’t understand the hate for the Chimera Ant arc. Many say HxH hasn’t been the same since the whole video game ark ordeal, but I’d say the Chimera Ant story is very well done and comes as a 2nd to me right after the Spiders.

    I really hope they don’t waste their time doing a series reboot and just continue on..I think theirs plenty of fans who would like a reboot, but I know theirs a lot of us who have waited a looong time for this.

    Hell, I’m just glad that we’re getting some new chapters.

    • Luke Halliday

      Well you must take into consideration that if they were to go back now and reboot the franchise, not only would we get a more faithful adaptation, we would have a better looking anime series, won’t have to stop once they catch up because it will be far off for them to catch up. For a franchise like this, a revival is needed. With rumours flying that Togashi will now return for good, I don’t think it’d be wise to just pick up the previous series just at the Chimera Ant arc.

      The Chimera Ant arc is also one of my personal favourites, only second to the Yorknew/Spiders arc. I am also a huge fan of the Hunter Exam arc and would love to see it reanimated as well. Greed Island arc was interesting but I wish it had a bigger pay-off besides simply reuniting with Kite at the end. I was more than a little let down, considering I thought this would lead to huge things in the way of finding Ging, but oh well. The Chimera Ants arc has been epic and very emotional and with Gon unleashing his Gon Wild Nen ability, I am amazed and without a doubt want to see more. I can’t wait for the series to resume.

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