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Capsule Computers have just locked in a Xbox Live Community night event for Halo Reach.  The cool dudes over at Xbox Australia have confirmed and we are ready for deployment for 8pm to 12pm AUS EST on Friday 29th July. Remember, this is Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Put this date in your diaries and also make sure you check the XBOX Community Dashboard (AU and NZ Dashboards only) for more details (shown below)

*NOTE this is open to all our community worldwide as long as you can get on and join us between 8pm-12pm AUS EST**

All you have to do before or during that time is message and send a friends request anyone of the following Capsule Crew members :- (gamertags in orange below)

MasterAbbott – Philip Federico

Discordman – Dustin Spencer

Marr 117 – Michael Marr

The Future Frog – Luke Halliday

Linkage Ayexe – Benjamin Web

We will add you to our friends list and then on the night we’ll invite you into the game we are playing if there is room, if not, we will split off and create five separate rooms.  What we are thinking of doing is hosting some Private matches and we can change things around so we can get as many of the community in to play with us.  We are open to suggestions so if anyone has any great ideas on what maps or style of games we can play leave a comment below or send us a message via XBOX Live to our gamertags.

Just to give you a bit of an idea about what it will be like playing with the Capsule Computers crew check out the staff page here. We have a few hardcore GEEKS on the team so prepare to get owned!

We will also have a few prizes to give away on the night, winners will be picked by the Capsule Crew, you don’t have to be the best player to win a prize, as long as your having a great time and not acting like an idiot you’ll have a good chance of winning.  For now we have a XBOX Retail game and hopefully a few XBLA codes to give away.  but we’ll keep you posted if we manage to get more.

For now get on Xbox Live whack in your copy of Halo Reach and start practicing !! As your gonna need it !!  The Capsule Computers Team are ready to take you all down ;)

If you have any questions leave a comment below.  We’ll keep you all posted here as well as Twitter and Facebook.

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  • ITz Jok3R

    Hope to see you guys then for some Halo fun, and you guys might need the practice jks see you then.

    • Mitchell485

      haha good luck i am halo pro man bring it on

  • jaypea360

    Damn, one game I don’t have. Gonna miss out on all the fun 🙁 Have fun tearing it up. Hopefully you guys get the opportunity to do this with Gears 3.

  • Yeah well iTz Joker u better start practising because ill see you there aswell hopefully you guys get to do this with other games like CallOfDuty or something!

    • Luke Halliday

      Bring it on Tank!

      • yeah kill tank as much as possible lol

    • Mitchell485

      Daniel u don’t even play halo cause u suck at it u just play black ops

  • Mitchell485

    Yeh to let u guys know my gamer tag is xelitesxpower to let u guys know that i am from capsule computers

  • Dustin Spencer

    I will have a sticky ready for all of you. Prepare for your doom!

  • Cellophane Girl

    I might try to jump in.. though if I do expect me to be the total n00b getting killed 99.999% of the time.
    Also probably spinning around looking at the ground on occasion. X]

    I’m really good cannon fodder.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I hope I’m not sleeping.. I’m like 12 hours behind you I think.
      Well anyway, hope everyone has fun!

      • replied to your own comment lol

        Everyone in here is either my friend or works for capsule except cellephone girl.
        They are all hanging to play atm. please kill them as much as possible

        • Cellophane Girl

          Well, I’m awake, but I’m awake because I’m sick. So I doubt I’ll be playing.

          I hope you guys will upload some videos if anything particularly awesome happens.

  • OMG you said you would invite I havnt been YET

    • Dustin Spencer

      We invited everyone we could, but with hundreds trying to join lobbies of 16, not everyone got a chance to play with us. If you are still hungering a prize, Click the Cube Points banner at the top of the page as those comments your leaving now can equal prizes by themselves. We will be back with another community night as well, so stay tuned!

      • cheers for getting my mates in. I don’t have halo reach so i couldn’t play but i’m glad my mates got to play. it would have been crazy with all the invites you got. My mates even made the youtube vid

  • OMG!

  • Hawkeye332

    You guys were awesome, hope to have another gaming session with you guys again soon

    • Yes it was an EPIC night thanks to all the AU and NZ community .. we’ll have one again in the next few weeks. Stay tuned .. at the moment we have a few games lined up so make sure you check the site and also Xbox 360 dashboard

      • Mitchell485

        can we do like gears of war next plz i have been dying to play that game with someone

        • yeah you have been bugging me to play lol

    • mechanizedbob

      when will the winners be posted and were

  • Mitchell485

    check the video on YouTube i am in it hahaha with joker

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