Gears of War board game releasing next month (Updated with video)

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I know a certain member of the staff that is going to probably run out and spend as much money as he has to to acquire this piece of merchandise when it releases next month. I’m talking of course about Gears of War: The Board Game. Esdevium Games has created this little oddity that takes the action of Xbox Live and transfers it onto a kitchen table.

Destructoid found some extra information about this board game. Players can team up to complete randomly created missions with over 200 cards, 75 tokens and 30 plastic figures that can be used as little avatars. Cards are used to perform actions like chainsawing an enemy and more. Unfortunately there has been no news as to how much this game will cost when it actually is ready to ship out.

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  • Haha. This looks incredibly crazy. Looking forward to learning more about it

  • Mitchell485

    Looks hard to understand but looks crazy

  • ITz Jok3R

    Looks like alot of fun can’t wait to see how this game turns out and it would be a nice change of pace rather then the usaul xbox 360 shooter.

  • Im gonna order this as soon as its available. I like how detailed it is, it sounds complicated but once you understand what each card and special does it wont be hard to play.

    The battle system is simple, but with the use of the features on the cards it gives the battle system that extra bit of variety.


  • A Hobos Stick

    Looks really confusing

  • Cellophane Girl

    Looks like it could be fun. One of those that will take a little while to fully learn how to play. But the good thing about this is I can play it without getting nauseated like when I try to play the video game. Hooray!

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