Barkin’ Buddy Out Now For iPhone

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For the tech-savvy canines who love a social life, Radical iDeas Group have released a new social networking App for iPhones: Barkin’ Buddy. Okay, so it’s obviously not designed to be used by the dogs themselves. I mean, how would they enter their own details? They have paws! Barkin’ Buddy is more for pet owners and pet lovers. It is a relationship management App that is set to improve the dogs social life, allowing for pet owners to create profiles for their dogs, upload photos of their dogs, notify buddies when they are walking their dog, and plan out social activities for their dog to play with others. Barkin’ Buddy is out now in the Apple App Store (Aus/US) for just $1.99.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    That… that is stupid. It would be a stupid app if it were free, but having to pay for it makes it worse. You not only have to know other people that are going to want to actively use this, but you have to convince them to spend money on it.

    Plus isn’t it better to just spend time with your dog instead of spending time making basically a facebook page for your dog?

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