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In breaking news, the internet movement Anonymous has announced they will no longer be involved in hacking and DDOS attacks as they’ve been known to do, but now will act as a political organization known as the ‘AnonParty’ and now have the numbers they need to reach their goals through legal means, and that they wish to gain the general public’s support. This move is certainly most unexpected, but its nice to see they plan to no longer hack their way to achieve their ideals, I’m sure PSN users will be happy about this!

Below is a transcript of the press release, and the video provided by Anonymous themselves.

The Announcement of the AnonParty Press Release

But now Anonymous is entering a new stage in its evolution. We are transitioning from attacking the system from the outside to restructuring it from the inside. There are people from all political parties that support Internet freedom and civil rights. Although these people support our goals, they were averse to the tactics we used to advance them. Today, we are founding an Anonymous-affiliated political party. Our representatives will advocate for the internet and civil rights overlooked by other political parties of the world. We will do so legally, for the benefit of all people.

We will not hack websites. We will not use DDOS attacks. Although these methods were effective in turning the media’s attention to civil rights violations when our numbers were small, and we had limited options, we now have the numbers to make a difference legally. We can now attain the support of the general public.

This political organization will begin a legitimate movement. Anonymous is now open to a wider variety of people, not just hackers and tech-savvy people on the Internet. All those who support Internet freedoms and individual rights will join our ranks.

When we become a political force, we will have a legitimate impact on public policy. We will span across more than just governments. We will be directly involved in the political process, while fighting the corrupt practices that pervade it, and will use it to support individual freedoms.

There will be a day when Anonymous will no longer have to wear masks to support freedom. On that day we will have won. The formation of this party brings us one step closer to seeing that day.

We were Anonymous.

But we do not forgive

and we do not forget.

You should have expected us.

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