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If you’ve been paying attention to your PlayStation products as of late then you should know that the PlayStation Store is back online now. With the PlayStation Store back online Sony has now launched their Welcome Back program. But you better watch out, if you bought a PlayStation 3 during the outage, meaning before April 20th, 2011 then you aren’t going to be eligible for the free content.

For everyone else, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to select two games from a list of five while PSP owners will have their pick of two titles from a list of four. When accessing the PlayStation Store you should see a Welcome Back option where you will be able to select your two titles from each console you own. You best act fast, or at least relatively fast however because the Welcome Back tab will disappear after July 3rd with all the free stuff it contains. Oh and the PlayStation Plus free month is also available now too if that is what you were interested in. In case you experience any issues with the Welcome Back content Sony has posted a helpful FAQ which should cover any problems encountered.

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