Watch the E3 Preview trailer for Prey 2 right now

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This. Game. Is. Intensely. Phenomenal.

Being developed by Human Head Studios, Prey 2 is an open world game set on an alien world and built on the id tech engine.  You’ll play as a bounty hunter who has been abducted by outer world denizens and you must solve the mysteries in this sci-fi world using the only things you have left:  Guns. Tech. ROCKET BOOTS! And missiles.  Oh, and teleporters and grenades. You know. Not that much stuff.  Just you and your wits. AND ROCKET BOOTS!

Let us know what you think of the fluid gameplay shown off in the video. We can’t wait to see more at E3.


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  • It looks like a pretty big departure from the original. Not sure if i like the new direction either. The first was actually fairly emotional, not about slaughtering aliens for no reason. Watching your grandfather die, visiting him in the spirit world, and seeing innocent people being tortured all around you made you uneasy, and I found the final boss fight sad because I was invested emotionally in Tommy’s story.

    This one looks to just be about chasing down alien bad guys with poorly done Asian accents. It looks like an interesting world, and an action game like this is fine, but why attach it to Prey, which this has nothing in common with?

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