The Incredible Machine on iPad

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One of my earliest favourite games has been given an iPad release.  The Incredible Machine was released for PC in 1993, and has been spruced up with a new visual style.

Disney gave details at E3, and the app, developed by the designer of the original game, is due for release this month. If you don’t remember the original, players were tasked with constructing a Rube Goldberg machine, wherein random items work together to create elaborate chain reactions to achieve certain goals. Watch Ok Go’s video clip for This Too Shall Pass for a fantastic example.

Anyway, players are asked to perform some small task like getting a mouse home or turning on a light switch, and are given several random items to chain together to achieve this. The game presents 60 challenges and offers almost 100 random items to complete them.

It was a fun puzzle game in the ’90s, and I’d love to see this reach a new audience.

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