Skyrim pre-orders come with a premium quality world map

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Bethesda knows that all of their fans are eagerly waiting to hear the slightest bit of news relating to Skyrim. Whether it is a new trailer or screenshots, fans will gobble it up. Of course fans will be happy with this news too, anyone who pre-orders the game will get a special map that will be automatically included with your copy.

The map is being stated as “premium quality” and it will be made of a “high-grade material that has a feel similar to burlap” so it is actually going to be a cloth map. The map that was included in the special edition of Oblivion was a simple paper map so this cloth map is certainly going to be a collectors item for fans of everything Elder Scrolls. Just make sure to pre-order the game before 11/11/11 when it is released on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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