Monte Carlo track pack launches for DiRT 3

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The Monte Carlo Track Pack for DiRT 3 will launch today in North America, accesed from the Xbox Live Marketplace and Games For Windows Marketplace for the price of 800 Mircosoft Points, and on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. This will be closely followed by the European release on Wednesday June 29th for PSN (£6.29 / €7.99), and the same price in Microsoft Points..

The new Monte Carlo Track Pack includes 8 Rally stages featuring dramatic climbs, descents and hairpins set amongst snowy mountain roads. Players can race through the Alps and conquer the renowned Col de Turini pass in single-player, split-screen and online multiplayer. Stages include day and night, as well as new foggy conditions, all brought on by the altitude that the Monte Carlo Track Pack takes place at.

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  • sweet but why wasnt it in the original game. this is the wa forward now, game discs filled to half capacity with the rest following in dlc whic compared to the price of the game content is a total rip!

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