Majesco extend their Online Resume with Acquisition of Quick Hit…

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From a new deal with the NBA to publish a new game to the news of the continuation of the very successful “Cooking Mama” franchise, Majesco have been expanding quite rapidly as of late, and that growth looks to continue. The company recently announced that they have “acquired certain key operating assets as well as the Quick Hit development team” to further move into the social gaming network. You may have heard of Quick Hit from the popular “QuickHit NFL Football”. As part of this Acquisition, Jeffrey Anderson (who helped make Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online successes) will join the Majesco team as its Senior Vice President of Social Games. Anderson will be responsible for Majesco’s current and future online titles, including Cooking Mama Friends’ Café, Parking Wars 2 and Bananagrams, as well as several unannounced social and mobile products currently in development.

“Social gaming is an exploding sector and our acquisition of Quick Hit allows us to take a leadership role in developing top free-to-play titles,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment. “We’ve always felt that having our own development team was critical to building the know-how needed to succeed in the social games market. I am ecstatic that we were able to land a group of this caliber and a seasoned executive in Jeff Anderson in such a competitive marketplace.”

“Majesco’s social games plan is exciting and their past experience identifying and bringing major brands to gaming fits well with our collective vision of the free-to-play space,” said Anderson. “We are looking forward to leading Majesco’s online and mobile strategy into the future.”

Very exciting news for both companies. This of course means the hugely popular Cooking Mama Friends’ Café has is now just the start of Majesco’s upcoming online resume, and we are sure to see many more social gaming releases in the coming future. Zynga, be prepared as Majesco are aiming to take your once safe throne.

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