Kirby Mass Attack Details and Screenshots

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With last year’s fantastic Kirby’s Epic Yarn and the upcoming return-to-roots Kirby Wii, the little pink marshmallow thing is getting a lot of work lately.

Last month we showed off the Japanese cover art and the few details we had on Kirby’s upcoming DS adventure, and as expected, Nintendo revealed much more at E3.

The game’s title has been confirmed as Kirby Mass Attack, and will be released onto the Nintendo DS on September 19 this year.

The story goes that an evildoer with a magic cane has split Kirby into ten pieces, and Kirby must work with his duplicates to find a way to return to his normal self. The player will control up to ten Kirby characters at once with the stylus; tapping a location will make them all rush to that point, swipe across the screen to launch the group into a swarm attack against enemies, a flick of the stylus will send a Kirby flying into the air.

The Kirby series is known for trying new play styles, and this certainly sounds like a fun concept. There are some questions left unanswered, but a little mystery is a good thing. How does the player acquire more Kirbys? Do the multiple characters work as some kind of health system – get hit, lose a Kirby? Will we have access to Kirby’s trademark ability to copy his enemies’ powers? And why does Nintendo refer to it as a “Side-Scrolling Real-Time Strategy” game?

Regardless, this looks to be a fun addition to a classic series. Check out the scrrenshots below.

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