Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in high-speed car accident.

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Ryan Dunn was a star of the Jackass series and was known to do daredevil stunts and all around crazy things for his work. After apparently driving at high-speeds after a night out with friends, Dunn’s Porsche was found by the side of road west of Philladelphia, completely engulfed in flames.

Police identified had to identify his body by his tattoos as it was too badly burnt. A passenger was also found in the car but has yet to be identified. Police are attributing the accident to a bout of drink-driving, as witnesses claim he spent four hours drinking at a bar, prior to hopping behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Dunn’s former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville posted this response on his twitter after the news broke, “Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. RIP Ryan, I love you buddy.”

MTV has made the following statement, “We are devastated by the tragic loss of Ryan Dunn – a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade.”

Dunn was 34 at his time of death, he had appeared in all 3 season’s of Jackass, all 3 Jackass movies and various other MTV series.

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  • Zowwerz

    What a legend, but has live a very fulfilled life, rest in peace big man

  • Cellophane Girl

    Never liked the show. So I don’t really know who he is.
    It’s sad when people die of course, but if he really was drunk and driving at high speeds, it was his own fault. And let that be a lesson to anyone who ever thinks they can handle alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car. To many peoples lives get cut short by this kind of thing.

    • no one deserves to die you bastard. no one. even if they did something stupid. you are truely a horrible person for saying that. go call your mother and tell her to teach you some manners, you disrespectful wench.

    • Troll-Patrol

      Hey troll,
      go troll somewhere else. No one needs your negative inputs.
      -Troll Patrol

    • DYXX

      I agree that drinking & driving is definitely very bad. But, Cellophane Girl, NOBODY ever “Deserves” to Die. Your comment “it was his own fault” was beyond insensitive. Not to mention, if any of Ryans Friends or Family see your comment, it will just add to their devastation. Do you enjoy kicking grieving families when they’re down?

  • Whoopsy

    Sorry guys but she is right. Anyone stupid enough
    to drink and drive has it coming. yes its tragic ofc but he made a choise and managed to kill
    another person too. What a hero. Or do you really think that making a couple of idiotic movies makes up for taking someone elses life?

  • Kathy

    Cellophane Gilr NEVER said he deserved to die, she said it was his own fault, which is correct. He was irresponsible enough to drink, drive and take the life of another person. When I read the story, my first thought was, “Jackass…how fitting”, so if you want to go off on anyone, go off on me. I’ve lost a family member because a drunk driver slammed into his car. I have very little sympathy or respect for Ryan Dunn, but I do have tremendous sympathy for his family. Not only do they grieve his death, but will also be subject to the whispers behind their back as to how he died.

  • some girl

    He was definately a good guy but everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • rip man. he posted a pic of himself at the bar hours before

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