FFVII and FFVIII available on Steam but not for purchase

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After digging around for awhile, some Internet users with a bit too much time on their hands have found that Square Enix has actually uploaded both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII to Steam to download. Unfortunately Square Enix has final say as to when those games will be released and it seems unlikely.

The games are based on the PC versions of both games that were made by Eidos back in 1998 and 2000. Square Enix made edits to the game for them to run well on modern PCs but the last changes that were made were in the beginning of 2010. With no actual release ever announced it is likely that these versions have been abandoned. No reason was discovered by RPG Site as to why Square Enix gave up on the endeavor but I’m sure they would have made quite a lot of sales from die-hard Final Fantasy fans.

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