Dungeon Siege III update with better PC controls being worked on by Obsidian

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Dungeon Siege III released this week on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but not everyone was happy with their version of the game. Of course this means the PC gamers who found themselves dealing with mouse and keyboard controls that are not very well designed according to most users.

Obsidian is looking to fix that problem however because Lead Designer at Obsidian, Nathaniel Chapman, spoke with Eurogamer and said that PC controls are “one thing I would have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now.” This of course means that the offended PC gamer demographic may soon have a better control scheme to enjoy the title. Exactly when the patch can be expected is unknown at the moment.

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  • Ravenslair38

    Until they make it so that the players can configure the conrtols to fit their style of play this game is just playable for thew PC players like myself.

    • Ravenslair38

      Not playable !!

  • D

    2011 and the PC controls for the game are bad, in addition no configuration for them as well? It has been said enough all over the net in forums, why oh why would a company do this. If the Diablo control setup worked so well, why on Earth would you want to change or fix it, especially since it was never broken in the first place. Going foward, game companies should look at controls setups for triple AAA titles and find out what works and apply it to their games. Sad, just plain sad.

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