Darksiders 2 combat shown off, appears quite similar to another title

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Well, first I would recommend watching the new video for Darksiders 2 below which was released by GameInformer. In the video we learn a few things about the character Death and about the weapons he will be using to deal with his enemies in the game from director Marvin Donald. Unfortunately when you actually see gameplay of him in action, there is a very striking resemblance to another title.

Death’s weapons are two scythes which he can use to kill any enemies in his path, but then again wasn’t there another game that had two weapons that could do the exact same thing… you know… God of War style? Now I know God of War didn’t invent the whole high-action brawler combat we see today in games such as Darksiders 2 but it is is nearly impossible to avoid noticing the distinct resemblance in the trailer below.

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