Tales of Xillia PS3 bundle announced for September release in Japan

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Namco Bandai held their Tales of Festival last night in Japan and there they announced a bit of information for Tales of Xillia, namely an actual release date for Japan at least. Tales of Xillia will now be released on September 8th 2011 in Japan and will be sold for 8,379 yen a piece ($103). 4Gamer who was at the event also reported that there will be a special edition PlayStation 3 released alongside the game with the bundle. The PlayStation 3 bundle will sell for 37,980 yen which is around $470 dollars American.

Usually these bundles are just a cheap way to get fans of a game to spend extra money on a console they may already own, but in this case I’d have to say it is actually quite impressive as you can see above. Besides a release date and an announced bundle, Namco also detailed some pre-order costumes from past Tales games, which you can see in the trailer below. The interesting thing with this trailer is actually the gameplay shown for the first time. Now if only Namco Bandai would announce a localization effort for the game, everything will be right in the RPG world.

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