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Activision is yet to announce details on the next instalment of the Modern Warfare series but websites all over the world are starting to report all sorts of rumours. One has only recently surfaced and states that Modern Warfare 3 will feature a bigger story and more destruction.

A source close to Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare 3 will continue along the storyline from MW2, delivering “a world of crisis” in the United States after the invasion. They believe it won’t follow the opposed Red Dawn approach explored by Homefront. While it’s unconfirmed what location the game will be specifically set, the source reports Modern Warfare 3 will have an urban setting, much like the U.S. missions in Modern Warfare 2, with military vehicles, including tanks, rolling through suburban streets.

Modern Warfare 3 will take place on a much larger, epic scale. The game will explore the lead up to a set of engagements that could pull in other countries, creating a potential World War III scenario. The game will also feature large, urban destructible environments, made famous by the Battlefield series.

Gamers are expected to hear more news about Modern Warfare 3 at the annual E3 trade show this year.

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  • ropes

    The game will probably be pretty good especially the multiplayer with a mediocre single player, but most of us care about multiplayer a little more.

  • Jacky_Legs

    Whilst I love multiplayer, I think that the storyline of the Modern Warfare series has been really good, and I hop they put a lot of effort into the single player campaign.

  • cornelius

    This is absolutely fake and anyone who thinks it’s real must be easy to convince of anything. Activision hasn’t even commented on the game yet the storyline and cover has been released in back to back days? Yeah right! They’re known to keep a tight lid on their games. So far the only legit source I came across for Modern Warfare 3 is and they had some information on the announcement for the game. I just hope they make multiplayer much better and expanded maps as they have started to become too small and basic.

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