Soul Calibur V details leak from Famitsu

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If there is one thing you can count on for a game by a Japanese developer, there will always be information leaked ahead of time from one source or another. This leak comes from Famitsu as Andriasang has reported on what the magazine will contain in its upcoming issue. Soul Calibur V will take place 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV, this was known already, also known was that the main character will be Patroklos who is the son of Sophitia.

What isn’t known however is that the game’s producer Hisaharu Tago stated he wishes to have at least as many characters that were in in SCIV, special weaponry that we haven’t seen before, a few new characters that have yet to be announced will be included, older characters with new weapons and that Siegfried will be using his Requiem weapon from Soul Calibur I and III. Also revealed was that the game is only 10% complete at the moment so much of the information now is subject to change by the time the game is released next year.

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