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Sony announced their welcome back program yesterday, which was met with mixed reactions, but mainly positive. I’m not complaining about free games, the only people complaining are the people who already have them, which is the minority. The only complaint I have would be that Sony should be giving us PS2 emulation on all PS3 consoles, not just the initial models that support it. Sony took away that functionality to save on “costs”, this was when they weren’t turning around profits on the manufacturing of PS3’s, but those days are over. The days of the Ps2 are also over and surely they don’t need to make anymore profit from the thing, it’s been 10 years, get over it!

We also don’t want HD remakes, which capitalize on our desire to play old games for profit, surely Sony could implement resolution up-scaling into the PS3 with PS2 games, the same way they do video and the same way the Xbox 360 does.

The playstation community used to be quite vocal and angry about this change, but it seems everyone has forgotten about it, well I’m not so much. I want it and now would be the perfect time for everyone to be demanding of Sony since they’re in a vulnerable position publicly, but I doubt my one post is going to do something to change their minds. So maybe the below work of art will, or maybe it’ll just make me feel better that I can’t play Final fantasy X on my PS3 yet. It’s all about the small victories!

So am I wrong or do you want more HD remakes?



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  • NacaYoda

    Here, here!

    And while you’re at it. Turn off frikkin region locking for DVD playback!

    I was an early adopter of the DVD format and half my collection was imported from overseas sources (the only source of new and interesting titles at the time). Some of which, to this day, are still not available in Region 4 or International formats (not that I want to repurchase any).

    Sony Blu Ray players accept DVDs from all regions, why restrict my PS3. You’re dreaming Sony, if you think I’m going to buy both!

  • Jared

    I wasn’t aware! That’s a pretty old issue then, it’s a shame because the PS3 is supposed to do “everything”, but they’re reluctant to give it the ability to do exactly that.

  • Mornelithe

    It’s actually a bit more technical than profit margins. The original model CECHA01, had a PS2…literally, built onto the circuit board. There are a plethora of images that compare the original board with both the generational and cost-reducing revisions.

    After it was removed, they did actually work…for a time on software emulation. However, this wasn’t 100%, and the games didn’t exactly benefit from the extra horsepower. Bottom line, they never really find a way for 100% backwards compatibility via software emulation.

    Lastly, it did…do everything (and mine still does…launch model booyaah). People complained about the price originally, and since they were already selling it at a loss of $230 and change, per console sold, whatever cost cutting methods they looked at, had to be severe. Blu Ray, XDR and the Cell CPU were far too new to be able to cut anything else from the machine, so early in it’s lifecycle.

    If they could find a way to bring back PS2 compatibility, without taking any additional financial hits, I’m all for it. Otherwise, I think they deserve to enjoy being profitable for a time before they start bending over backwards (thanklessly), again.

    • NacaYoda


      I “thanked” Sony by handing over my hard earned cash for their product. They gave me region locking and a very unreliable PVR solution (PlayTV) which fails weekly.

      They need only release a software update and I’ll be able to retire my old DVD player. It’s not a big ask.

      PS2 game access would be a huge bonus – but alas, it doesn’t seem likely.

      What they should do, is release those PS2 games in the PSN in native PS3 format. If you have the original PS2 title, you should be able to insert it into your PS3 drive and receive a discount on the PSN-PS3 version. I’d pay $5 a title to have access to them again without hooking up my PS2 every time. Could it be cost effective for them? I think it could be.

  • Jared

    Yes It’s understandable as to why it was done initially, but it’s been a long time and emulation that isn’t 100% is better than nothing. The Xbox 360 isn’t 100% but we’re given the option atleast, alternatively when they start selling PS2 games on the playstation store i’ll be happy. It’s just a shame to be paying for games again, it’s more than likely a technical issue like you’ve explained, but I don’t see them working on something which isn’t going to make money and take time.

    It’s just wishful thinking on my part, realistically sony has the right strategy in dealing with it business wise, but they will do it if the positives outweigh the negatives.

  • Kaden101


    The PlayTV 2.02 farce was an absolute nightmare. Constantly losing my programs because of having to re-install the damn thing. Went on for months.

    Good news is, they’ve patched it to 2.03 a while back. I haven’t had a single problem with it since I installed that update. Not missed a a beat.

    I’d check your version if I were you.

    As for PS2 BC. I really couldn’t give a damn. I plugged my PS2 into my 40″ 1080p tv, & it looks bloody awful. Hi-def TV’s don’t do the PS2 any favours.

    I enjoyed the Hi-def God of War collection, & I’m looking forward to replaying ICO & Shadow of the Colossus with decent frame rates. Loved those games. Not all games are worth pushing to hi-def & re-selling, but there’s no reason why some of the classics can’t be updated. Isn’t like a lot of the younger kids would want to play old tech anyway, so it’s a way for them to experience some of the best games the PS2 had. I’m all for it.

  • Zowwerz

    Not surprised to be honest lol

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