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It looks like a pretty decent deal and they’re all fairly similar across regions, have a looksy, just to be specific only accounts registered before the PSN went down will be eligible for the freebies.

The european/aussie package includes…

Two PS3 games from the following:

– LittleBigPlanet
– Infamous
– Wipeout HD/Fury
– Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
– Dead Nation

PSP users will also be eligible to download two of the following PSP games:

– LittleBigPlanet PSP
– ModNation PSP
– Pursuit Force
– Killzone Liberation

In addition, PSN users will be given 30 days membership for PlayStation Plus free, while existing members will be given 60 days free subscription. Music Unlimited user will be provided with 30 days free. Sony are also apparently working on a Welcome Back offer for home, with details incoming. If you have both a PSP and PS3 with PSN accounts, you’ll get two games on each.

Sounds pretty generous right? Personally I dont know which to pick here yet.

You can view the slightly different North American package details here


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  • Travis Bruno

    Not to sound ungrateful but couldn’t they have selected something that came out at least within the last year? What if you already own those titles which most PS3 users probably already do? Would have been simpler to just offer redemption vouchers and let the consumer select something of choice instead of a hand picked, quite old, selection of titles.

    • I agree with both you and jared. nevertheless, Sony is the one that screwed people, and since they made us go through a bunch of stuff, they should have just gave everybody a PSN credit of 20 bucks or something

  • Jared

    Yeah that’s true, a choice of anything would have been tops, but aren’t all these games Sony games? I think it would have been too time consuming negotiating a deal with publishers and give us a choice of anything, who knows!

  • Zowwerz

    Pfffft, I’d steer well clear of Sony! ‘Oh we fucked up, we’ll give them games it’s fine.’

  • Jared

    Even better sony should release a PS2 emulator for all PS3’s as well, absolutely shameful that they don’t let us play them. Sony had this coming, they’re terrible, maybe they’ll learn from their mistakes

  • DuraRoc

    Well well well, I spose you get a free service, you can’t expect anything more than shitey games and 30 days of plus. Looks like the PS3 will remain what it has always been for me, a blu ray player!

  • blakehu

    Better than nothing.

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