Rival Turf Arrives on the Virtual Console…

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It is a pretty slow news day as far as Nintendo’s digital releases go, but for fans of arcadey beat-em ups, Rival Turf has now arrived on the Virtual Console. Now before you go off and judge this title on it’s awful cover art (which yes, it certainly is a contender for our bad boxarts column), from what I remember, I enjoyed this game for the most part as it reeks of memories of backwards jeans and graffiti covered wooden fences.

Players take control of Jack Flack or Oozie Nelson as they…well, I don’t really remember the plot quite honestly, but beat-em ups like this don’t really need a story and are sheerly to remind us of the many Streets of Rage clones we seen in the 90’s. Of course this game can be purchased for the standard 800 point price tag and Rival Turf is available as of today, so go get it or these thugs will come to your house and rip the tag right off your mattress. Be afraid.

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