Resident Evil: Mercenaries’ characters show their stuff in latest trailer

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With Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D being released in about a month, it is about time Capcom decided to show off every character in action. They have done so in the latest trailer for the game which shows all eight characters killing zombies in their own way, and also destroying plenty of glowing orange clocks. The most interesting of which is Rebecca who smashes into it with her hip…

You can catch the trailer below but you should remember that none of these characters are actually canon in the storyline. It has been years since we have even seen or heard mention of Barry, but he still will be a playable character on June 28th when the game is released in North America. At least everyone will have a new 3D game to play as well as gain a taste of what Resident Evil: Revelations will be like with the included demo.

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