Playstation Network Begins Restoration Process…

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Yes, you read that right. Sony have officially announced that they have began the process to re-launch the Playstation Network. The company announced today on their official blog that users can now log in and download the new mandatory firmware update and multiplayer functionality will be the first to return.

You can watch the official announcement/apology below in which Kazuo Hirai explains just what will start to happen in a video statement below (which really just explains the expected firmware/password changes we all have looked forward to), but I am sure many of you shall be running to your PS3’s and waiting in line to return to the PSN. A map can also be viewed for U.S. users to show states in which the service has returned in. It has been a long time coming, but hopefully this can soon be put behind Sony users everywhere and lessons about security were learned.

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  • if you can’t do it yet, try downloading it onto a usb stick through the sony website via a pc 🙂

  • Cellophane Girl

    Good I’m glad it’s getting back up. I will be interested to see what kind of long term effects this has on Sony, and the Playstation console in particular.

    • Zowwerz

      already ruined their reputation of the console now.

  • Zowwerz

    Let’s see how long it’ll work for before being attacked again lol

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