Otomedius Excellent collector’s edition revealed by Gamestop

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Konami has only had a few things to say about Otomedius Excellent being localized in the United States. Besides a trailer for the title and a few screenshots the poor game has barely been acknowledged by the company despite being something of a niche release in the first place, but a release supposedly coming out soon.

But at least the gaming retailers themselves are leaking information out. Siliconera has found that Gamestop has updated their listing of the game to a $50 collector’s edition package. Unfortunately the listing doesn’t go into further details about what the special edition will include and we have contacted Konami in the hopes of finding out more. It is interesting to note that Amazon is showing the title at only $30 for the regular edition.

The most recent bullet hell title that was released to retailers in the US was Deathsmiles and that too contained a special edition which contained an Xbox 360 faceplate if you decided to purchase it. Hopefully we’ll learn more from Konami within the next few days.

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