Nexus Tower opening its doors soon; lots of new blocky content coming soon!

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You remember that huge task that was assigned to Lego Universe players a few weeks ago? Well, Lego Universe players answered the call and accomplished their goal of building the biggest structure built in the game: the Nexus Tower.

When “Nexus Tower opens its doors soon, tons of new content is being released for all players to explore and enjoy. This will include new characters, weapons, Faction-specific pets, and over 50 new missions, as well as access to the new LEGO Universe Vault system for safe-keeping extra models and gear.  Nexus Tower will (also) be the main social center of the Universe, with existing and future content accessible from portals within the hub. You can blast off from Nexus Tower’s Launchpad to game worlds far and wide – Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, LEGO Club, Starbase 3001 and beyond! Beginning soon, players can fly to Nexus Tower from the Race Place launch pad in Nimbus Station.”

Plus, there is ton more LEGO-fied fun coming to Lego Universe.  Check it:

* New Daily Missions – Embark on 20+ new Daily Missions available from the Faction Reps!

* New Rockets – Blast off in a new ride inspired by Nexus Tower, the Nexus Talon Dropship or the famous Venture Koi!

* Faction pets – Players can complete furry new quests to obtain their special Faction pet.

* Commendation Vendor – Have you sold or deleted some of your Mission and Achievement Rewards, but now you’d like them back? No problem, just visit Admiral Honor Accolade in the Sentinel vendor area in Nexus Tower. He has lost and forgotten treasures in stock now!

* New Items Galore – Other vendors throughout Nexus Tower sell amazing new items and gear. Use the Foreman’s Radio to drop a piano on your enemies, or the Man Eating Plant to gobble them up! And when you really want to pound on the Maelstrom, we’ve got two words for you: Mole Whacker!

* New Reward Models – Build on your Property with the new Construction Set, Office Set and an even larger selection from the Micro City Set!

* Upgraded Launch Pads! Launch pads have been reconfigured to select the first rocket in players’ Backpacks.

* Multi-Missions! Some mission givers will now offer more than one mission at once. Accept as many or as few as you like!

Learn more at and check out the new trailer below.  If you have checked out the new stuff, let us know how cool it is! 🙂  I am off to play with some LEGO now. WOOHOO!

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