Naughty Bear Gold Edition Out Now

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In interesting move by 505 Games and developer Behaviour Interactive, the 2010 game ‘Naughty Bear’ is getting a re-release. This new, Naughty Bear Gold Edition combines the original Naughty Bear game with its downloadable contents packs into one retail disk. This new edition features three downloadable packs with a host of new content including episodes 8-10 featuring new foes such as pirates, comic book superheroes, vampire bears and zombears. Naughty Bear is very unique game in which players control Naughty Bear as he brutally murders the fellow inhabitancies of Perfection Island.

Naughty Bear Gold Edition is available now for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3


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Currently a university student, it's sick as!
  • Zowwerz

    Looks awful to be honest

    • Cellophane Girl

      I have the original, a friend gave it to me for Christmas. I have only played it once. Though I keep meaning to play it more.
      It’s honestly only fun if you have a really strange sense of humor. The kind where you get a bit of sick pleasure out of hearing teddy bears scream as you beat them to death, or catch them in a bear trap. Fortunately (or not) I am one of those kind of people.

      I love how the cover seems to be an homage to kill bill.

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