Love Plus 3DS features revealed

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Love Plus is a title that has never seen the light of day outside of Japan and it most likely never will. But a bit of news came in today about Konami’s next entry in the Love Plus series; Love Plus 3DS. The game will make use of the 3D system and be completely portable and is more or less a girlfriend simulation game. Andriasang has uncovered the information about a few other features that will be included with the title.

Something known as a Boyfriend Lock will make it so that the girls in the game will not respond to anyone who is not their boyfriend, or the game’s owner. It will use facial recognition to use this feature and players can also register their friends or their family members to the game so that their virtual girlfriend will respond to them in a manner befitting a brother or a sister depending who they are talking to. Players can use the 3DS’ wireless feature to connect to other Love Plus 3DS owners and have their girls interact with one another and even become friends. This title sure is a very interesting one to say the least but I can still never see the franchise heading into Western markets.

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