Kontrol Freek – “Legendary” Halo and CoD “Prestige” options now available

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Having trouble racking up those kill streaks in Halo: Reach or maybe the trouble is that the ability to Prestige is Call of Duty is just taking too darn long.  Whatever the case, Kontrol Freek has got you covered with a few new options.

The Legendary pack is a standard FPS Freek add ons except that that it is decorated with an awesome Halo logo.  The Prestige pack is also a standard FPS Freek accessory.  But, you guessed it.  This one has Call of Duty logos on it.  Check out this link here to get a good look at the sick looking freeky sticks.  If you have never heard of the Kontrol Freeks, then check out this link to get a feel for what this innovative product is.

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