Gotham City Imposters concept art answers a few questions

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Yesterday Warner Brothers Interactive revealed that they have been working alongside Monolith Productions to make an XBLA, PSN and PC title involving the Batman universe in a way that we have yet to see in gaming. Gotham City Imposters will take players and place them in the Batman world but they will not be playing an iconic supervillain or even Batman himself, instead they will be playing imposters, or copy cats.

The concept art released today helps answer a few questions about the title such as what these characters may actually look like and how the game itself may unfold. Sure it just shows various people trying their best to look like Batman or Joker but it proves that players should be able to customize themselves anyway they want as long as it is similar to either Batman or Joker in actual appearance. The game itself will be a first person shooter and there currently hasn’t been a release date given, nor a price tag.

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