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NEVER FIGHT ALONE !!! Sometimes MasterAbbott turns on his XBOX fires up Gears Of War 3 and goes into battle Lancer in hand all on his own.  Facing a world full of FREAKS and LOCUSTS all at the same time.  The battle is EPIC, after the dust settles all that remains are the body parts of the Locust scattered all over the ground, and in the middle we have MasterAbbott the last man still standing all on his own.  But why should I have all the fun ? 

The Gears Of  War 3 has just moved into its 3rd week of Beta testing with another 2 weeks of fun left, we  think its time for MasterAbbott to find himself a Brother or Sister to aid him in the fight against the LOCUST SCUM !!!

Whoever wants a GEARS OF WAR 3 BETA download code leave a comment below and tell us what you love about Gears Of War, and what you’re looking forward to the most about Gears Of War 3.   Winner will get the code and also a friends request from the legendary man himself MASTERABBOTT so you can both play together!!! WOO HOO life can’t get any better than this 😉

We’ll pick a winner in a few hours (or once we get a min of 10 comments) whatever comes first.

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  • Clint Reno

    I totally missed out on this beta (fished behind the net several times).

    Me and my buddies are HUGE Gears fans, but were completely disappointed by GOW2 (due to the anti-social matchmaking). So basicly we are waiting since 2007 for part 3.

    It would be amazing if at least one of us could have access to this beta for this week 🙂

  • What i love about gears of war is:

    – The many ways of killing a person
    – You can chainsaw someone ( not many games have that 😛 )
    – Love the popping sound when you give away a headshot
    – Love the lines that the chars say after they killed someone…. Who is next?!

    That was some things i love(d) about gears, and last but not least…
    Tell me, in what kind of game can you rip someones hand off the body and hit him many times till he dies… = priceless

    Gamertag: sD I Remix

  • xAscendancyyy

    What I love about Gears Of War is:

    – The diversity of the combat is unlike any other game on the market :D!!!
    – The multiplayer is fair and balanced, one thing many others games have yet to achieve
    -The guns are pure, creative genius, I say 😛

    The thing I think I look forward to most about gears of war 3 is probably the fact i get to kill some more locust scum!! ^-^ and definately the sawn- off shotty as from what ive seen so far, loooks AMAZING !! ohh and also ADS ( Aim-down sight) will be a welcoming new edition :D!!!

    Thanks :))
    Gamertag: xAscendancyyy

  • Hi there!

    Being a female I find my gaming opinion is often neglected and ignored. Somtimes I find this so sad, because all I want to do is scream about just how much I love to chainsaw folk on a morning!

    Gears has provided me an outlet for this pent up rage and given me the opportunity to find countless inventive ways to carry out my one request, with like minded people!

    Alas, the GoW3 Beta has eluded me and I am once again pushed aside doomed to wait for that day, so very far away, when I can once again weild my chainsaw and go charging like a headless chicken into the fray with other slightly dubious characters!

    Have a great day people! :O)

    (Oh my Gamertag is Lacuna Raven)

    • LUCKY WINNER IS ERIKA !! MasterAbbott will be sending you a FRIENDS REQUEST Your Gears Of War 3 BETA Code has been sent via email !! 🙂 Thanks for entering !!

      Thank you to everyone else that entered the competition.

      • WOOHOO!!! People beware my Chainsaw weilding backside will be hunting you all down real soon!

        Cheers guys! Really appreciate this. I loved everyones entries!

        thanks again!

  • KillScreen

    Because i just bought a xbox 360 to get my hands on this game. Now it haves dedicated servers, who could resist? 🙂

  • Marvin chua

    what i love about gears is the chainsaw and the unique style of gamplay and guns
    what i am looking forward to gow3 is the femal character new weapons and awsome camos

  • GTA 4 King

    I love Gears of war for its extreme action and full of testoterone epic shootout battles!! Not forgetting the blood and guts!

  • Leon

    Gears of war is insane. Nothing has touched it online and the amount of hours i have put into it are collosal to say the least! – nothing comes close to curb stomping a noob infront of your mates online!

    Cant wait for the third one!

    Cheers, leon

  • Simon

    What I love most about Gears is chainsaws. To the face.

    What am I looking forward to most about Gears 3? More chainsaws. To the face 🙂

    Very easily pleased :p

  • tom

    ive never played gears of war and really wan tto try it!

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