False information being reported about PlayStation Network return date

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If you have been browsing the internet today then you may have seen the story that The PlayStation Network would be available on May 31st. This is not the case however as many of these reports are saying that the PlayStation Network would be down fully until the 31st but that is not the case. Apparently, Bloomberg, the original source of the information quoted Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida supposedly saying that their plan is “to restart services fully by May 31.”

However, after contacting Sony and receiving an answer back to the inquiry, it seems that is not the case. Patrick Seybold from Sony stated that there is no current date for the service to be back up and that there is no new information at this time regarding the services. Sony originally stated that the PSN would be up by the end of last week but as you can see, that is not the case. At the moment Sony is attempting to clarify all of these rumors, especially considering that if the May 31st date was accurate that would mean the PSN would be down for a total of 41 days, a very terrible number all Sony consumers.

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