DeathSpank: The Baconing teased for Summer release

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DeathSpank and his thong will be showing up once again this summer season in the third DeathSpank game set for release on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, the PC and Macs. HotHead has so far only released a teaser trailer revealing the actual name of the title, which is going to be called DeathSpank: The Baconing. The title will be the last chapter of DeathSpank’s quest, bringing a conclusion to the trilogy.

No assets have been released at this time, which is curious to say the least. The development time is a good thing though in my opinion. The first two DeathSpank titles were released within nearly a month of each other, though both games were very well done the longer development time can mean good thing for fans of the series. Catch the teaser below. Bacon!

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