Call of Duty: Black Ops – Taste of Escalation trailer

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With only a couple of days until it will be gracing players’ Xbox 360s, Activision have unveiled a new trailer for the Escalation map pack. The trailer is called ‘Taste of Escalation, fitting considering its diner setting, which is ‘now serving Escalation – 5 New Maps’.

The pack will include four all new maps to battle on, plus a new ‘Call of the Dead’ Black Ops Zombies map. As well as some live action diner footage, there’s gameplay footage to get your teeth into if you watch the trailer in the build up to the DLC’s release on 3rd May.

The Escalation DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops hits Xbox 360 on 3rd May, but as part of its timed-exclusivity, PC and PS3 owners will have to wait a month.

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    one word immense

  • Zak Attacks21

    Can’t wait and also the best way to abuse the elevator and russian map door shutters is to toss grenades, satchel charge or claymores in/out/as the doors open/close that’s the one flaw you can take advantage of on those specific maps!

  • Zak Attacks21

    My last comment was actually on May 1st 2011/11:32am and 11:34 am for this one.

  • Denno4life

    WTF, Probs there are bombs in the white bags

  • Crusty cream

    Aim in Perth is 1.30 am when will the new map pack be available

  • looks awesome, still not got the first dlc though :p

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