BurgerTime World Tour’s E3 Trailer looks Delicious..

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MonkeyPaw Games have been quite busy as of late, preparing for the release of BurgerTime World Tour, previously known as BurgerTime HD which will make it’s way to the XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare later this year. The re-imagining of the age old classic puts Peter Pepper in a circular, 3D world in which players must dodge obstacles and quickly stack up burgers.

In a new “E3 trailer” released today, we get a fantastic glimpse into the game as everything appears to be fast-paced and addicting and you can easily spot several new power-ups with the meaty enemies roaming about. Multi-player is also shown off a bit in which four players can go head to head to gain the crown of top chef. Out of all the gameplay that is shown though, the remixed track used in the clip brings back a lot of good memories from the classic version for myself and thankfully, the original formula looks to run through the veins of World Tour. Hopefully, a release date for BurgerTime World Tour will come forth at this years E3, but for now you can watch the hunger-inducing trailer below.

  • blakehu

    It looks a bit stupid, (Sorry) for me atleast. 😕

    • Cellophane Girl

      It doesn’t look stupid to me. But it doesn’t look like a game I’d be able to really get into. Though I can see it should be a hit with people who like that “old school” feel to their games.
      Looks like a great family game for sure.

      • Dustin Spencer

        I think I am a bit bias with this one as I used to play the original like crazy years ago. As soon as that theme played it was love. Both of you should try to find an online flash version of the game and give it a whirl. It’s pretty addicting.

        • blakehu

          Well, then I take the stupid part back. 😀 It just depends on who is it playing. 🙂

          • Cellophane Girl

            Isn’t that what most games and things depend on? 😛

        • Cellophane Girl

          I’ve played the original before. I liked it okay. But like I said, it’s not really my kind of game. But I do think it will do well, since there is the nostalgia factor, and it does look like it keeps up the old feel but at the same time makes it more modern and relevant to today’s consumers. 😀

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