Bungie will not be Present at this year’s E3…

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Any reveals of Bungie’s next big project will just have to wait it seems as the developer posted on their official blog that they will not be attending E3 this year. The internet has been buzzing since the release of Halo: Reach of what the next big step is for Bungie, but it appears that for now we must twiddle our thumbs and wait until this veil of secrecy is lifted sometime until the near future.

While I did have hope that Bungie would be attending the event, there is no doubt this year’s E3 will still be one to watch closely as Nintendo reveal the Wii Successor and it will be also interesting to see just what Sony will have to present after this very difficult year. As for Microsoft, I am expecting something Halo-ish in the works, but for now it is just a wait and see.

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  • ahh, to bad 🙁

    I bet there is a halo reboot in the works or rather, an HD remake. And they will undoubtedly announce something to do with CoD at the microsoft one

    nintendo and sony conferences will be interesting.

  • Zowwerz

    Haloish? Hmm..

  • Yes at the moment I’m very interested in what Microsoft have to announce at E3 .. I don’t think it will be anything mind blowing but hey, we can’t under-estimate the mighty MS !!!

    On a side note getting to see what Nintendo have to say about the Wii 2 will be velly velly exciting !!

  • ropes

    Bungie is not making the newer Halo games, but most of us are probably interested in their next IP.

  • I am so hyped for E3 right now can not wait to see what Microsoft has to show knowing its Microsoft it would be Something EPIC. i am going to assume maybe a 15% chance a New Console and a im Betting a new Gears Of war and Halo Kinect IP like Gears of war Thrashball something like that. And also another Halo IP related like a Remake HD or possibly a new Halo Game.. Maybe show a sneak peak of the Movie. and more news on Gears of war 3 some Cod Related timed DLC Deal. and Forza 4 and Crytek’s new IP Codename Kindoms assuming a hell of alot Kinect Games FPS/Action Games. and who knows maybe a 3% chance it could be a Xbox Portable shown You never know with Microsoft. I Hope its Live On Fox 8 again so i can watch it :).

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