Brink’s free running trailer shows off its skills

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Brink is a unique game in and of itself. The marketing for the title has been even more unique with a series of Get Smart videos released to give everyone a full rundown of how to make the most of the game’s online experience. Since those videos just wrapped up yesterday with video number six and the game being released within the next few days Bethesda must have thought it was time to show off the game’s free running aspect.

Parkour, better known as free running, has been implemented into Brink so you can navigate through the environments any way you find suitable, no one said taking the stares is the only way to climb up a stairwell right? They have compared the game’s parkour abilities to Daniel Ilabaca’s free running by showing a comparison video between the two as it flashes between Ilabaca free running in some European city and Brink’s free running gameplay. Catch the video below and try to catch Brink when it releases next week on May 10th.

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